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About LSPA

The Latvian School of Public Administration (LSPA) is the largest training centre for civil servants and public administration employees in Latvia that provides professional development courses and consultation services according to the set priorities of the Republic of Latvia and the needs of its customers.

It was established in 1993 as a public administration institution under direct supervision of the State Chancellery. The task of the LSPA is to provide a high-quality training and consultation service to meet the current and future needs of public administration and municipalities. The training and services developed by the LSPA help further to ensure high quality of public service in Latvia.

Last year (2016) according to the regulations No 389, dated July 14, 2015, of the Cabinet of Ministers, under the title “Implementation Rules of Activity Program “Development and Employment””,  the LSPA has undertaken the implementation of two big EU-funded ESF projects “Professional Development of Human Resources in Public Administration for Improving Regulations to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and “Professional Development of Human Resources in Public Administration for Preventing Corruption and Reducing Shadow Economy.”

The training now is implemented in two areas:
● development of better regulations in order to support small and medium-sized enterprises, within which there are going to be developed topics on legislation, reduction of an administrative burden, public services, sustainable entrepreneurship, facilitation of competitiveness, supervision and control of the enterprises
● as well as prevention of corruption and reduction of shadow economy.

In 2013, 2014 LSPA carried out the largest centralized training in the public administration of Latvia – preparing the public administration employees for the Presidency in the Council of the European Union in the first half of the year 2015.

Advantages of the LSPA
The LSPA has a history of success, which has resulted in loyalty and recognition. As a result of the long-term cooperation, the LSPA has developed and maintains a database of over 7,000 public administration employees. LSPA trainers are subject matter experts in public administration, experienced business leaders and university lecturers.
The content of the training is based on the incumbent needs and regulations of the public administration as well as adopting the best practices from other countries.
The LSPA has designed a training module system which contains around 120 different courses.

The LSPA – excellent place for learning in the heart of Riga
Situated in the centre of Riga (Raina Boulevard 4), the building of the LSPA was designed in 1880 by the famous Latvian architect Janis Fridrihs Baumanis. The LSPA takes care of and manages the space of 2481.3 m² of this building. There are 16 training rooms in the LSPA building, the largest of which can accommodate up to 100 people, all fully equipped with modern technology, including simultaneous interpreting equipment and modern computer lab available on the first floor.
LSPA premises can accommodate up to 356 trainees a day. Wireless internet is provided throughout the building.  Coffee and refreshments can be provided in various lobbies throughout the building.  During breaks our trainees can also enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in Riga, Bastion hill, located adjacent to the LSPA premises.

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